unholy trinity

Satan doesn’t have a creative bone in him.  He is an imitator, but when he imitates he perverts. Revelation 13 and Rev 20:2 reveal the corrupt alliance of dragon, beast, and false prophet which tries to imitate the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

While we may not fathom the depths of holy relationship in the One Triune God, we know that the Father is the authority figure and that the obedient Son carries out the actions of the Father through the empowerment of the Spirit. The cosmos was thus created. Salvation was thus imparted to mankind. The Church exists thusly. The Father is the heavenly manifestation of the Great Triune I Am; Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is His Arm (metaphorically speaking) that extends into a physical plane; and the Spirit is His Presence permeating the hearts and minds of His saints. The three are one.

Satan was not a triune creation, to my understanding, lacking a body for this earthly plane. In order to operate here, he needs a body. In Eden, it was a serpent. Usually, it is a man who has a similar desire to Satan’s: to be like the Most High. So they work in an unholy alliance. Satan is the authority figure while the obedient beasts or antichrists carry out the actions of the devil through the empowerment of an indwelling evil spirit, particularly with the aid of false prophets and false religious beliefs. This is how Satan has operated on earth throughout history. Pharaoh had his magicians. Hitler had his satanists and occultists. All were doing the will of Satan. The “beast” kingdoms throughout the centuries were thus devised: Satan behind the despot with the cooperation of the occult and/or false belief systems. The false belief systems are crucial to get the support of the masses of mesmerized people. The last scenario set forth in Revelation will be the last desperate stand of the unholy trinity. But they are all defeated and eventually “cast into the lake of fire” and so will be banished forever.

That which is portrayed in Revelation has had relevance for all time periods in terms of discerning “beast” empires, their modus operandi and their eventual overthrow, yet there remains to be fulfilled in this temporal realm that final big rebellion against the Most High which will end triumphantly with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

The Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the everlasting kingdom of joy and peace and righteousness!

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